Technology, Pedagogy and More – The Core Drivers of Extramarks

As early movers into the Ed-Tech domain, we have seen first hand what technology integration can do to make the same old textbook concepts engaging, interesting and even fun for a child. What happens when a child starts enjoying the process of learning is that he does not need any external motivation. The students then are self-sufficient learners, drawing motivation all by themselves, and gradually, they become aware of their strengths and improvement areas themselves. Extramarks has been working on bringing alive this entire spectrum of services so that through a click, a tap, a single download button, the entire world of knowledge comes alive in front of a child.

Extramarks has certain core beliefs, or you can say, we have some core domains which we invest heavily into to ensure our learning platforms are useful for students everywhere. The first is a solid, researched pedagogy, which our experts have diligently worked on and is now globally recognized and validated. This is the three pronged pedagogy of Learn-Practice-Test. Under this simple but seamless education delivery model, a child first thoroughly learns text book concepts through rich, visual modules. They then go on to practice all the learnt knowledge through a variety of tools and then, there comes out Test feature, the ultimate paradigm in the LPT pedagogy, where all the learnt and practiced knowledge is put to test to make a child exam ready. Always.

Our second core belief is in technology and its potential to completely make learning child-centric. Extramarks has built a thriving team of animators, graphic artists, designers, developers, tech experts who are researching, implementing and even evolving newer modes of technology platforms and services which can infuse joy in the process of learning. Our visual modules are a product of the combined hardwork of subject experts and visual artists who make even the most complex thought appear simple – like a story being told through rich graphics. This storification and visual representation aids in complete retention and engagement.

Technology intervention does not end here. Each child has a unique learning curve which tends to get overlooked in traditional classroom set ups. But that’s not the case with what Extramarks offers. Technology helps us understand where each student is placed. Through our adaptive and layered testing, we are able to predict if a child has successfully understood concepts and is able to apply them as well. Our intelligent algorithms are constantly studying the patterns which emerge out of a student’s consumption of our learning modules, and thus, we are able to predict a course of studies which surely and steadily drives towards improved student outcomes.

In short, Extramarks is here to address the needs of any and every student. With over 9 million learners trusting our methods and content, I am glad to see our beliefs bearing fruits.

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