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A look at EdTech in 2019

Barely a month into the new year and 2019 already looks promising for all things Ed-Tech. With growth drivers churning away and showing no signs of slowing down, what can we expect from the sector in 2019?   GAMIFICATION LEVELS UP The gamification of the learning process has reaped rewards across a wide range of […]

Early Childhood Learning and How Digital Education Can Aid It

Early childhood, usually classified as the period from birth to eight years, is a time when the rate of brain development is at its peak. It is a period of remarkable growth. Now, whether children should be exposed to digital devices during this highly critical period has been a debatable topic for long. While critics […]

Looking back at 2018

“Beautiful beginnings from terrific ends” 2019 has begun and for all of us at Extramarks, there has been an incessant buzz of new activities, initiatives and vision setting that completely overwhelmed us. Two weeks into the New Year, now that I sit back and reflect, I realize 2018 was a magnificent year for us. There […]

This #NationalEducationDay Let’s Explore Why Integrating Technology in Education is Imperative for a Progressive India

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology identifies e-learning as one of the pivotal methods for imparting education to students in India. Up until the early 2000s, the traditional ways of teaching dominated the education sector. Physical presence of a teacher was mandatory for any kind of learning and without that being able to learn […]

Accepting Technology in Education to Trigger Real Transformation

As technology leaves its imprint on every aspect of our lives, can education be isolated from it? The education system in many developing countries has been repetitive, teaching the same things to students year after year following the same mechanism. With industry environments changing at such rapid speed, the education system needs to evolve itself […]

Driving the Tech Revolution – Millennials of Today

Millennials – Harbingers of the Technological Revolution Yes, it is the millennial population that is driving the demand for all industries to embrace the use of technology. They are a population who have not just grown up with technology but were born into it. Hence, they are comfortable learning and adapting to changes and upgradations […]

How Gamification is Reshaping the Landscape of Learning

Given a choice between a textbook and a video game, what would most children prefer? Much to the dismay of parents, the latter is an obvious choice for most. But is there a way to integrate games with academic learning? Academicians and educators across the world are realizing the power of games when it comes […]

The Many Possibilities That Come with E-learning

Research says that India’s working population is set to increase to 115 million by 2025. This figure is both, an asset, as well as a massive responsibility. If apt training is provided and the talent is harnessed, then it will be a major step towards solving the many hindrances that lie in the path of […]

A Look Back at Teaching-Learning Systems

A little stroll down the memory lane inevitably lands one in school days – that wonderful time of fun, friends and life-altering learnings. When the pleasant sense of nostalgia subsides, one can see how long the teaching-learning ecosystem has travelled, evolving at a rapid pace especially in the past few years. The rapid transformation of […]

Teaching-Learning Ecosystem in the 21st Century

Rapid globalization, the interconnectedness of diverse populations and swiftly changing technology landscape is bringing forth an emphatic demand for new competencies. This has also had an impact on the learning requirements of students, as well as the kind of skills we are looking to instil in them. To satiate the evolving demands and to ensure […]