Extramarks – The Vision and the Journey

Extramarks Education India was a seed conceptualized in my head, but nurtured together by our 2500+ strong team of competent experts for close to a decade. We celebrated out 11th Foundation Day this year, and the occasion set me thinking, and forced me to revisit the entire trajectory of our existence and accomplishments. We have not just grown in size and numbers, but also in vision. As the one stop solution for filling all gaps in education delivery space, we have learnt much about how to make learning a process full of joy along with ensuring academic excellence.

It is such a joy to see the company accomplishing goals after goals that were set eleven years ago. I am really proud of the fact that we are the only company in ed-tech space in India that has gained so much popularity amongst schools and students and has attained huge success in a market where the competitors were struggling. This success belongs to all those who have put in their best for the company.

We are a company that has not only innovated technology solutions for schools and students but also continuously pushed its own boundaries. Our approach towards pedagogy and technology has earned us many accolades. This could be achieved only because we have with us the most capable team of academicians, animators, technologists, engineers, professionals and sales persons.

Today, with our presence in Africa, Middle East and South East Asia, we have joined the league of multinationals and are the first company out of India to reach global geographies in the ed-tech space. Almost all technology giants are very eager to work with us. In the coming future, we will be going to more places, and continuously work on introducing new products.

This 11-year long journey has been exciting, but the real excitement will actually unfold on the road ahead. The coming years are likely to witness a drastic change in almost everything related to education delivery. This is a huge opportunity, and everyone is looking at us with expectant eyes. We’ve been known for setting standards for the entire industry, and it is my sincere belief, that with continued motivation and commitment of each member of the Extramarks family, we will continue to do so. With the drastic changes in the landscape of education, Extramarks is ready to not just update and adapt, but also drive some of those changes. Watch out for some exciting updates from our side!

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