Accepting Technology in Education to Trigger Real Transformation

As technology leaves its imprint on every aspect of our lives, can education be isolated from it? The education system in many developing countries has been repetitive, teaching the same things to students year after year following the same mechanism. With industry environments changing at such rapid speed, the education system needs to evolve itself in order to be able to truly support the industrial and corporate world. E-learning is the use of electronic media and communication technologies to enhance learning.

However, a big challenge that e-learning faces is its acceptance amongst educators and parents. Old beliefs are far too deep-rooted at times to make them realize the importance of adopting new ways of teaching. This transformative technology, while appreciated by many, still faces several issues when it comes to finding mass acceptance.

Openness Towards E-Learning

Some of the biggest barriers blocking the way of EdTech are attitudinal and psychological. Technology dares the educators and the parent to go beyond the conventional ways of teaching and to acquaint themselves with a completely new way of teaching. This calls for a radical shift for those who have considerable years of their life learning as well as teaching things a certain way. What society needs to understand is that educational technology is aimed at making teaching as well as learning more convenient and effective. The educators need to open themselves up to learn new skill sets and to be a part of this transformative change in the education space.


Scepticism persists about the cost-effectiveness of e-learning platforms. Many parents and teachers question if it is worthwhile to spend on such a platform. On the other hand, e-learning platforms are amazingly cost-friendly and help save a huge amount of infrastructural and manpower costs. Talking about the returns, e-modules help capture the attention of the students and makes learning much more impactful.

Integration with Tradition

Many educators worry about whether they will need to completely shun the traditional model to adopt a new one. This thought is not very appealing as there are certain traditional methods that still hold good and would be needed for years to come. E-learning calls for establishing a sync between classical methods and the new technology-aided methods for teaching. To promote optimum learning, one needs to gather and retain the best of both worlds.

Extramarks as a Contributor to the Transformation

Change is inevitable. If society needs to evolve, it needs to transform. To contribute to this transformation, Extramarks has developed its e-learning platform with the utmost care and thorough research. Our self-paced learning modules with rich graphics and audio make both learning as well as teaching a better experience for everyone involved. E-learning helps create a more informed, data-driven and engaging ecosystem for students, teachers as well as the parents, and we at Extramarks are working towards building such ecosystems across the country.

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